10th World Congress on Recent Advances in Nanotechnology (RAN 2025)
07 - 09 April, 2025 | Barcelona, Spain

The RAN 2025 Congress is composed
of 2 conferences


Submissions in the form of extended abstracts, short papers, and full manuscripts are welcome.

  • all submitted papers will be peer-reviewed
  • the congress proceedings will be published under an ISSN and ISBN number
  • the conference proceedings will be indexed by Scopus and Google Scholar
  • each paper will be assigned a unique DOI number by Crossref
  • the proceedings will be permanently archived in Portico (one of the largest community-supported digital archives in the world).
  • selected papers from the congress will be submitted for possible publication in the International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (publication fees may apply)

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Paper Topics

Interested authors, researchers, and industrial experts are invited to submit their papers to the conference that best resonates with their technical background. At the same time, attendees are permitted, and encouraged, to attend talks from co-located conferences.

Nanomaterials, Nanodevices, Fabrication and Characterization
  • Computational Nanotechnology
  • Detecting and Monitoring of Nanomaterials
  • Green Nanotechnology
  • Graphene
  • Education
  • Management of Nanotechnology
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanotechnology: Modeling and Simulation
  • Nano-measurement Devices
  • Nano-porous Materials
  • Nanocatalysis
  • Nanocomposites
  • Nanocrystals
  • Nanodevices
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Nanofluids
  • Nanomagnetics
  • Nanomaterials Applications
  • Nanomaterials Characterization
  • Nanomaterials Handling Techniques
  • Nanomaterials Storing Techniques
  • Nanooptics
  • Nanopackaging
  • Nanoparticles
  • Nanophotonics
  • Nanotechnology and Coating
  • Nanorobotics
  • Nanorods
  • Nanotubes
  • Nanoenergy
  • Nanomaterials Toxicity
  • Nanotechnology Regulations
  • Nanotechnology Standardization
  • Nanotechnology and Education
  • Nanotechnology and Environmental Issues
  • Nanotechnology and Ethical Impacts
  • Nanotechnology and Health Issues
  • Nanotechnology and Safety Issues
  • Polymer Nanomaterials
  • Quantum Dots
  • Self-assembly Processes
  • Sustainable Nano-manufacturing
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Thin Films
  • And all other related topics

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Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, and Tissue Engineering
  • Cancer and Nanotechnology
  • Clinical Application of Nanotechnology
  • Gene Delivery Systems
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanomedical Technologies
  • Nanotechnology and Biomedical Applications
  • Nanotechnology for Detection
  • Nanotechnology for Diagnosis
  • Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery
  • Nanotechnology for Imaging
  • Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering
  • NanoPharmaceuticals
  • And all other related topics

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